The Many Faces of Ms. Sheila
Sheila Arnold has been gifted by God with performance skills and has been using this talent since she was eight years old. She has been a full-time Storyteller for seventeen years traveling through the United States and sharing a variety of stories - “whatever fits in her mouth”, as well as doing Historic Character Presentations and Christian Monologues. At her core, Ms. Sheila, as she is commonly called, is a Professional Imaginator with a passion, vision and ministry of healing hearts, unifying communities and reminding people to share their stories.
New Programming
Strings Attached, An Uncommon Mix of Stories and Sounds 
Master musician and Strathmore Artist-in-Residence Niccolo Seligmann and Master Storyteller Sheila Arnold connect their art to create an unique program of African-American and southern stories and poems, featuring early music and instruments. This artistic collaboration has produced a program that will make youth and adults want to hear their musical stories over and over again. These endearing, thought-provoking, humorous and educational tales are made even more vivid with Niccolo's live, improvised soundtrack. Niccolo and Sheila end this program with a time for Q&A about how they came to collaborate, the stories told and instruments used, and how this program was developed. 45–60 minute program, for ages 12+.
Afro-lachian Christmas 
Storytellers Sheila Arnold and Adam Booth share Christmas and winter season songs, ballads and stories from the Appalachian and African-American cultures.  This high energy 1-1/2 hour program will stir memories, show shared connections between people, and warm the heart during the Christmas season.  Come ready to join in song, laugh at humorous stories and be inspired to share the joy of the season with others.  See video below for a preview.

Locks Opened Storytelling Series
"Waterways to Freedom" - This program is historical storytelling at its best.  Through story and song Master Storyteller, Sheila Arnold, shares about local waterways that were part of the Underground Railroad.  Most of the stories are from an 1870s book written by William Still, a Conductor for the Underground Railroad and Secretary of the Philadelphia Abolitionist Society.  His book shares the stories of over 500 people who ran from slavery, including some who used the locks, canals and waterways to escape.  Discover these stories that will make you begin your own search into local history and help you understand what the desire for freedom can make a person overcome.  A one hour program, that is continually changing because new information is being found.  For all ages.  There are 6 other programs that are a part of this series including "Left Behind", "EXTRA ORDINARY", "Law and Order:  Resistance", "CAUGHT", "Children at the Border" and "Sanctuary."  

“You stood up as a black woman telling stories about slaves to a white audience and it could have been very uncomfortable and made us, the audience, feel awkward and guilty. However, you made it about US, the teller and audience together. Us together looking back and learning. Us together looking around the world now and thinking about freedom. I think how we live, how we treat each other and how we approach freedom is absolutely where we are at right now.”  
~ Amy Douglas, Oct. 2019 from B.L.A.S.T.  Storytelling Series, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, England  

Your performance of Oney Judge at La Entrada school last week took my breath away. I work as a Paraeducator with the 5th grade and was lucky to be able to listen and watch as you took on Oney Judge's persona with such expertise and skill that I was convinced you were a much older actress performing with actual palsy. Your body movements and total personality immersion were so believable I thought "why aren't we giving this old woman a more comfortable chair?" Your performance moved me, and many others, to tears. What a powerful way to teach children (and adults) about real people's  lives in history! I was very moved.  Thank you so very much for sharing your talents with us. I will not soon forget this meaningful performance. I felt like I was watching a show on Broadway. It was that good! It really touched me.
~ Sincerely, Vicki Berger, La Entrada School, May 2019