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Professional Development     Lesson Plans

"History's Alive!" Professional Development programs offer hands-on, interactive training for teachers. Many of these programs can be altered for parent workshops. Contact us for more information:

"Storytelling as Technique in Teaching"
Storytelling is a proven way of improving the learning abilities of children in any course. Learn some of the techniques of storytelling, along with concrete examples of ways of quickly applying these techniques in your classroom setting. This training session will include group interaction and practice, as well as provide a list of useful resources for the classroom. If you already tell stories, why not add to your present repertoire and assist others who may have some trepidations. 1-2 hours.

"Words of Excitement: Developing Passion for Literacy - and Discipline - Focused Storytelling"
Feeling in a rut and routine in the classroom? Wondering how you can better integrate reading with other disciplines? This highly-charged motivational session will return and enhance your passion for storytelling through interactive activities, and provide quick and fast techniques you can start using immediately. The reluctance and fears that some people have about telling stories will be discussed and overcome. This program encourages the use of family and personal stories, picture books, poems and songs and emphasizes the importance of literacy and communication with those who work with children. 1-3 hours.

"Being History: Character Interpretation - A Teaching/ Presentation Method"
Character Interpretation is a wonderful teaching and presentation method that is often used in museums for students and adults. Learn how to adapt this great method for both teacher presentations and student projects. Teachers will have an opportunity to meet and interact with a person from history. If time allows, and location permits, teachers will have the opportunity to become a Historical Character and practice immediately the techniques and lessons taught. 2-6 hours.

"Healing the Sting: Teaching African-American History and Slavery to Culturally Diverse Audiences"
African-American History, and particularly slavery, can be a difficult and challenging issue to discuss in the classroom. The challenges in teaching are often based on fears, mistrust, past bad experiences and lack of knowlege. This training session takes an intimate look at the way African-American History is taught, gives hints tailored to each teacher for presenting the material, encourages discussion about teaching techniques that work, and provides solid information about slavery in America. 1-2 hours.

"Using Primary Sources in Teaching History"
Primary Sources are not just documents or written items, they are also a variety of other items. Learn more about the variety of Primary Sources that are available for use in the classroom and where to find those resources. If time and and location permit, teachers will also begin the process of creating a Primary Source Toolbox for their School and / or District. 1-3 hours.

Feedback From Our Training Sessions:

~"Outstanding!! I enjoyed the information, it brought light to storytelling..."

~ "AWESOME! Ms. Arnold gave me a fresh, exciting way to tell stories and a new way just to express myself through words."

~"Very informative and inspirational. You showed everyone that books are MORE than just WORDS!"

~"Outstanding presentation! You made me rethink how I interact with the children & how to read to them."

~ "My favorite part about the eagle story was the moral 'Even if you think you can't do something remember you're an eagle and can fly high and long'."

References Available Upon Request.


Immigration Lesson Plans – 3rd & 4th GRADE

Ellis Island and Immigration in America

Where I Come From
In this lesson, students take research into their heritage a step beyond the construction of a family tree, traveling through cyberspace to find out what's happening in their ancestral homelands today and explore their sense of connection to these places in their past.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Description: 5 day unit covering the topics of weather, food groups, immigration using integrated curriculum
Goals: The students will understand about certain types of weather, about the food groups, and about immigration.

Today’s Pilgrims
• Students will use vocabulary related to immigrants and immigration.
• Students will read and compare the personal stories of some recent American immigrants.
• Students will summarize some of the challenges that immigrants face.

Immigration Unit
Students develop an appreciate for the various cultures that are present in their local community. Through reading and research, they explain how various culture came to live in their area. At the conclusion of the unit, students participate in a celebration of the various cultures studied.

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