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"Mini, Many, Minnie Tales by told Ms. Sheila" - Second storytelling CD, includes "Possum and Snake" and "Nera's Story told as Ol' Bess", as well as seven other stories, a poem and Sheila's thoughts about storytelling.

“Mini, Many, Minnie Tales” CD $15
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"Mini, Many, Minnie Tales" CD Teacher's Guide Via E-Mail $5, available Jan. 1, 2014
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"Hands Wide Open" - Ms. Sheila's first storytelling CD, includes "Weeping Willow", "Elaina's Birthday Dance" and "Simon Susannah", as well as one brand new story, a song and one additional personal story!

“Hands Wide Open” CD $15
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"Hands Wide Open" CD Teacher's Guide Via E-Mail $3
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Combination CD Pack: “Hands Wide Open” & “Mini, Many, Minnie Tales” $25
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If you have difficulty with the purchase or receive a server error message,
please DO NOT repurchase, but contact me:
Email:   Phone: 757-725-1398

"Mini, Many, Minnie Tales" & "Hands Wide Open" is also available through!

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