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Sheila Arnold: Storyteller and Historical Character Interpreter
Meet Sheila Arnold
Sheila Arnold currently resides in Hampton, VA. She is a Professional Storyteller, Character Interpreter and Teaching Artist. Through her company, History’s Alive!, Sheila has provided storytelling programs, historic character presentations, Christian monologues, dramatic/creative writing workshops, professional development for educators and inspirational/motivational speeches at schools, churches, libraries, professional organizations and museums, in 41 states since 2003..
More about Sheila....

Sheila has been a featured Storyteller at several Storytelling Festivals: twice at the National Storytelling Festival (Jonesborough, TN); Timpanogos Storytelling Festival (Lehi, UT), White Mountain Storytelling Festival (Plymouth, NH), Paris Storytelling Festival (Paris, KY); Connecticut Storytelling Festival; Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival (Young Harris, GA); Hearts Afire Storytelling Weekend (Richmond, VA); Stories: From Sea to Shore Storytelling Weekend (Norfolk, VA); Florida Storytelling Festival (Mt. Dora, FL); twice at Culpeper Tells (Culpeper, VA); twice at Storytelling Festival of the Southeast (Laurinburg, NC); three times at Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival (Chilicothee, OH), Moonshell Storytelling Festival (Omaha, NE), Stone Soup Storytelling Festival (Woodruff, SC), Story Celebration Weekend (Kansas City, KS); and twice at Colonial Williamsburg Storytelling Festival (Williamsburg, VA). She also has twice been a Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN. Sheila collaborates with storyteller, Darci Tucker, to produce the Tucker-Arnold Storytelling Concert and Retreat in Williamsburg, VA featuring nationally known Storytellers. Ms. Sheila, what she is commonly called, has also presented Professional Development sessions, Storytelling Programs and Character Presentations at educational conferences, including Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, Valley Forge Teacher Institute, Mt. Vernon Teacher Institute, Westchester Regional Social Studies Conference and Social Studies and Reading Association Conferences in New York, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi, the National Council of Social Studies and for many Teaching American History Grant programs around the country and has presented and performed on a variety of topics.

Sheila has 2 books: a picture book, “Weeping Willow, or, Why the Leaves Change their Colors”, and an historical fiction using biblical persons, “David’s Mighty Man: Benaiah”. She also has two storytelling CD’s, “Mini, Many, Minnie Tales” and “Hands Wide Open”. Books can be purchased by contacting Sheila at sheilaarnold39@aol.com and the CD’s are available through her website, www.mssheila.org and for download at CDbaby.com. A new addition to Sheila’s titles is “historical consultant” – helping museums and exhibit designers find the story, and how to share it, from historical documents, artifacts, buildings and the historical use of land and water.

 Sheila is also a Museum Consultant, turning research into stories and scripts for exhibit designers and museums, and even book premiers. She recently was selected to be a Mt. Vernon Research Fellow, and she is a member of two large museum organizations. Christian Monologues are another area where Sheila has shown her talent for presentation, research and message. She wrote and produced the full-length play, “And the Women Were There”, which focuses on 7 women who followed Jesus, and received local acclaim for this work. She is currently a co-leader of First Baptist Norfolk’s Drama Ministry. Sheila rounds out her talents by also being a Drama and Creative Writing workshop leader for children and adults. Previously, Sheila worked at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as a Coordinator with the Teacher Institute, in Public Relations and Event Manager, and as a Storyteller and Theatrical Interpreter. Also, she was a Social Worker, Hampton City Schools Substitute Teacher and a Mary Kay, Inc. Independent Senior Beauty Consultant. She is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte with a B.A. in African-American & African History.

Sheila is fortunate to live close to her son, Krisstopher; her grandson, Brooklyn, and her father and stepmother, Wallace & Vera Arnold, and she communicates often with her Atlanta based sister, Stephanie. (www.mssheila.org) 

Resources for Teachers

Lesson Plans
Immigration Lesson Plans - 3rd and 4th grade. Ellis Island and Immigration to America.  https://instructorweb.com/lesson/ellisisland.asp

Where I Come From: Students take research into their heritage beyond the construction of a family tree. 
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: a 5 day unit covering the topics of weather, food groups, and immigration. 
Today's Pilgrims: Students will use vocabulary related to immigrants and immigration, read and compare personal stories of some recent American immigrants and summarize challenges faced by immigrants. 
Children's Lessons
  • Check out our lesson plans for children of all ages!!
Children's Interpretation
Keeping the younger crowd's attention can be challenging! Ms Sheila has an engaging personality that keeps kids on the edge of their seat and lets their minds travel through time and use imagination all while learning poignant historical facts.  What one 5th gradger says: 
“…I believe that if every fifth grader could have some time with Oney, they would learn to respect our country’s great men and women even more….” – Max C., 5th grade, La Entrada Middle School, Menlo Park CA

"Dear Ms. Sheila, Thank you for coming to Seven Hills and teaching me many different things...I LOVED it when you were Old Bess! I forgot I was sitting there in the library it Seemed real...." - Liz M., Seven Hills School, Walnut Creek, CA

"Dear Ms. Sheila, Thank you for coming to Seven Hills and teaching me many different things...I LOVED it when you were Old Bess! I forgot I was sitting there in the library it Seemed real...." - Liz M., Seven Hills School, Walnut Creek, CA

"...The last thing I learned was that they [the slaves] memorized songs. In the real world, this taught me that I should be able to memorize my spelling words better...." - Kyle, Seven Hills School, Walnut Creek, CA

"You were one of the best performers in the school. Most of them were really boring but you were amazing." - Aneesa, Pickering Valley Elementary School, PA

"Dear Ms. Arnold, I was flipping channels and I happened upon the Florida Education Channel. I was jealous that I was not one of the educators in that room. I was very impressed by your portrayal of Miss Judge. You are a very talented women! I hope to see you in person one day." - Sincerely, Maryann K., Stafford, Virginia

"You were in Stillwater, Oklahoma a week or so ago giving your Ol' Bess presentation. I was the music teacher that walked in late. I just wanted you to know how absolutely wonderful you were. You truly touched my heart and I could have listened on much longer. What a poignant humorous program! And you are such a beautiful woman! Thank you so much for what you do-children and adults alike can only benefit from seeing your work. I pray the Lord will bless you in your efforts to bring that time period alive in children's hearts so they may never forget the past and hopefully to learn in the present. Thank you again."

Upcoming Events
Sunday, December 15, 2019, 4-5:30 PM, Teacher Reading (I will be one of the readers). The Muse Writers Center, 2200 Colonial Avenue, #3, Norfolk, VA - Free
Want to see Ms Sheila in person?
Sheila Arnold, Teaching Artist
PO Box 3694
Hampton, VA  23663

Contact: alisabrossia@gmail.com

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Sheila's rates are as follows:
 Performance prices vary dependent on location and other programs scheduled while in your area. Prices do not include lodging, meals and transportation.


$450-$650 Performance charge

Libraries, Museums and Non- Profit  organizations:

$450-$900 performance charge

Professional Development for Educators or Museum staff:

$1000-$1700 workshop charge, dependent on location and amount of time for workshop

Keynote or inspirational speaking:
Keynote research or consultant: